Frequently Asked Questions?

The common questions we get asked about our Import2FBA Training Day

What is Import2FBA?

  • A 1x day intensive training day course
  • Follow up support from Lewis & Anna
  • VIP Facebook Group Support

So who is Import2FBA for?

  • Import2FBA is designed for intermediate / advanced level of business people. However we have taken on complete novices to people with  established LTD companies on eBay turning 100k +.  We have had people travel all over the UK to attend our courses, so our reputation for giving value and helping to build businesses is number 1 in our industry.

Do I need lots of money to get started to buy stock?

  • No you can start with a little as £100 importing products from well known China supplying websites and put you in touch directly with our Agents. We show you how to effectively do this on the day of the course and we show you other various different business models to get you started on Amazon. We also offer you a cheap alternative to importing via sea freight using Mr China’s mixed container service, which allows you to import smaller quantities of products on pallets into the UK. Thus reducing your capital outlay, allowing you to cut out the middle men, making you competitive online and increasing your profit margins!

£595 is a lot of money is it really worth the investment?

  • There are many courses online that charge £1000s with very little support.
  • If you’re really serious about starting to import products, selling them on Amazon and building a regular income outside of the rat race, then YES. We are going to give you EVERYTHING you need, i.e. all the tools to do the job, sharing tried and tested strategies, techniques, systems and software that we both use daily to make our own businesses a success.